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told i am metis, but (thinkign out loud)
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Author:  orriorbridgesbetween [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  told i am metis, but (thinkign out loud)

so maybe this isn't important, or maybe this is. But. But i want to share, anyway, fool that i am. :mrgreen: :roll:


Seems that Indigenity has been so suppressed in my biological family that i grew up believing i was biologically european, only. A "mutt" yes, but a europeon one. But then some relatives pointed out their knowledge. Asking around, no one else claimed to have heard such a thing, so, i'm really not sure. But that WOULD "explain" some stuff.

Darn it! i was wishing i was "fully biologically" 'white' so that my stand here might be "more capable" of possibly reaching under/behind all the stupidized armors that y'all maybe cannot reach, and make that much more of a difference. Or AT LEAST, be as much of a veritable "wrench" in The Machine-Mindset as possible, so that humanity might finally evolve beyond all the stupidization and such.

(of COURSE i'm being a little nutty....right? BUT it IS a CRAZED world out here....i'm simply reflecting my realities! And letting them have some air!)
:roll: :oops: :wink:

But. But of course, WHY do SO MANY defer/subordinate so automatically to Blood Quantum and that sort of b.s.?

i read through Ward Churchill's expose on that stuff, and had to agree with him (despite many's attempt to character assassinate him right and left). (tho i'm always open to deeper insights)

To conclude, for what it may spiritually be worth, agree with those Indigenous persons whom point out that it ain't *about* biological connection, so much as what's in the HEART. AND what's in the practice (of our lives).

Biological connection seems to have power only in the supposition that one has been brought up around Indigenous excellences. Biology by itself? i don't see it.

So i think of the biological focus as merely another ruse to keep those most drawn to world Indigenous excellences as alienated as possible.

While on the other hand, side-standing (i think) with the truth that if the biological is "taken away" from self-defenses, more stupidity will flood in than not. So The People hold onto it, knowing What Happens when they try to be too free in their public feelings and thought.

Yes, in that regard, and likely others, the biological argument certainly has merit:

in terms of the realities set by settler so-called "interests". And probably more merits than i can think of. :wink: So i can see why people stay within that corral, so to speak.

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