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The thoughts of a white person
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Author:  Theresa13 [ Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The thoughts of a white person

Hi Smee,

Smee wrote:
Thank you.

Was just trying to make the point that:


Each one must be judged on his/her behavior. We cannot give them a pass just because we have never met a greedy or evil one ourselves.

You're very welcome. I firmly agree with you. I've seen too much not to do so. Again I am very blessed to have a wonderful GP and a wonderful Otolaryngologist.

Walk In Balance,

Author:  orriorbridgesbetween [ Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: non-empathy in medical staff

Theresa13 wrote:
Hi Ollan,

I understand how you feel about medical staff. I want to point out, however, that I have seen some unbelievable acts done by professional medical personnel. My mother was a medical technologist for years with a masters in medical technology. She gave up going to medical school. I was a vet tech. Now you would think veternarians would be compassionate people, and I would say most of them are. But there are ones I have seen who have done some very cruel acts. I have also known doctors and nurses to have done some cruel things a few of which I was at the receiving end. It is an unfortunate fact that not all medical personnel have our best interests at heart. They are thinking more about the deities of money. Having said that, I am blessed to have a wonderful GP and a wonderful Otolaryngologist who listen to me and answer my questions. They don't let pride get in the way when they don't know the answer. They're honest and admit it.

Walk In Balance,

Hey Theresa,
I have friends and family who are medical professionals, and what comes to my mind is that there are two challenges they face:

1) Their belief system of keeping emotionally-distant, practiced in a rigid way. Which includes their distance from the wider community, say, bringing the larger community into situations and helping to ease the problems, via their involvement. I have been part of some places which allow for volunteers to visit elderly, as well as help in certain situations, but I'm not so sure this is very widespread. I think that there are a lot of obstacles, in most places, to disallow much community involvement.

On the other hand, there is the Hospice alternative, at least for elders. I don't know much about this, tho.

There is a movement to try to bring in a less stale/chilly type of energy into institutions like these, and that is the project started by Patch Adams (www.patchadams.org).

2) The difficulty of overwhelm. Being overwhelmed with lots of people who have been separated from meaningful community (except once-a-month-type visits), and just being over-worked in general, due to the bottom line pushes of the business aspect.

Author:  orriorbridgesbetween [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The thoughts of a white person

Dark Wolf 44 wrote:
When I think of how the white man has treated native people all over the world it's hard not to feel ashamed. I know there are good and bad people in this world. But shall one dwell in the past and only focus on all that is negative? how do we go forward to live in peace and harmony with each other. There must be a way?[\quote]

i'm surprised i didn't respond to this one sooner....taking a look at what others say didn't say what i'm thinking, so....

the key is "knowing your history" so you don't repeat it, i think. Knowing settler her/history, knowing the reality of statecraft and how it tends to perpetually involve itself and its off-balance (koyanisqatsi) in the lives of those it "needs" to keep in its stable of ready-made scapegoats (to keep the masses On The Proper Track).

It's one thing to "dwell on one's past" too much, and another thing to dwell on it enough to under and side-stand the realities. And not the symptoms so much as the roots and HEART of the difficulty, as my life experience wants to say.

i'm getting "ahead of myself" here, and you won't understand what i'm trying to say, likely, but perhaps with more dialogue you can better "get it"...?

Dark Wolf 44 wrote:
Another thing that disturbs me is that I have not got many friends. But one who is an old school friend is a rasist of big proportions. She's always going about talking bad about poeple with dark skin and black hair. I feel most uncomfortable in her presence. She's nice and so but when it comes to understanding other peoples cultures and religions and just accepting them as your fellow man she's hopeless. Another one of my few friends she has a boy friend who is so hostile towards people. For example here in Sweden we have got many refuges who comes from African countries. That guy really scares me. I dont know if I can be friends with the woman who is his girl friend. One time I visited them and I said that I wished that my eyes were dark and my hair black. He had a fit

They are all playing the meta game, i think. They believe they HAVE TO play this meta game, or they will be "left out in the cold" and "have no friends"; that sort of thing. All of these pushes by people with huge resources and connections to promote and perpetuate hate and not tolerate and PROHIBIT people from THINKING THROUGH fears pushed by these usual sources, this is what we're up "against", i think. What humanity, world-wide is up "against".

(NOTE: i am trying to avoid pushing for EVEN MORE hatred in turn, by putting "against" in quotes, btw. The tactic, as i see it, and as my understanding of world Indigenous excellence has spoken it, is not to perpetuate the stupidization of people in "Us vs Them"-isms; the tactic is to reach behind the concepts, and see the hearts from which such alleged (or real?) need arises. We can discuss this more if anyone's up to it.)

Racism and all other attacks upon people because of their difference is stupidization. And, yet, people in the "First World" nations are soooo off-balance, they don't want ANY MORE off-balance, and yet the "authorities" they've come to trust and *Believe In* keep them perpetually off-balance and worried. They don't see how things are systematically taken out of context, they don't see how "germs of truth" are "run with" so that masses of people will do the meta bidding of these severely alienated so-called "authorities".

Am i "making sense" to anyone?

Dark Wolf 44 wrote:

Another problem is that from a rather young age I got a very negative impression from my father. He had a camping place. His worst troubles was with Gypsies. One time I asked him what is wrong with gypsies? He said that they were theves and they always made a big nuisance of them selves. They made a big mess were ever they went.

Sounds familiar (i.e. local hysterias about the alleged (and sometimes true) messiness of the unhoused.

My take on it is that EACH GENERATION is privy to programs to hype us up and get us to fear and hate each other. The gypsies represent a group that is strong and independent of the management, plain and simple. They have survived all the wars against them, including WW2. They are like Indigenous folks world-wide, whom have not yet fully forgotten, whom have not yet been fully assimilated, or have not fully been "tamed" into "citizenship" and all those imposed so-called "Norms" that "we" take for granted.

The pattern is the same across the spectrum in all neocolonial realities, across all nations, today, i think. Take a read of this article (links to a journal on globalization), and you will get a better idea of what i'm talking about, i think.

Dark Wolf 44 wrote:
How can people react so strange just because we have different skin
color, different religions and traditions.

As i said above, and can slightly add to now: people have invested too much in these forms of survival. Their careers "hang in the balance" of playing along as they are Told.

(yes, i think it's survival; back to the meta game of the reality of settler insanity, all the way from nuclearized families --members of the "First World" have almost forgotten the evolutionary-oriented extended family and meaningful village, and that's, i think, not by accident-- to how professionals have today taken the place of solidarity family --replacing it with meta games and traps, and on and on, on so many topics.)

Dark Wolf 44 wrote:
It's my firm belief that people should be them selves and act according to their beliefs their traditions and religions. As long as nobody get's hurt by peoples actions anything

Here then is the difficulty of seeing WHEN there's actual hurt and WHEN professionals are manipulating our stupidized butts, because "They Have A Job To Do" and they "Have To Feed Their Kids". One thing we (anyone who's been trampled by the realities) know is that this tactic uses a systematic pattern: "emotionally-potent over-simplification" (a real mouthful, eh?).

Worth educating oneself about, for sure!

Glad you posted! May you keep speaking your HEART!

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