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 Post subject: The Anowarkowa Series
 Post Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:40 pm 
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Hi, I am writing a book series about Native Americans taming the North American Megafauna (which Jared Diamond notes could have been possible, since the animals evolved away from humans and had no fear of man like animals in Africa and Asia ), and having domesticated large animals, they leap technologically ahead of Europe and the rest of the world, and invade Europe instead of the other way around during roughly 1000 AD (Europe's Middle Ages). ... 3ceaf87372

This is what I have so far. Note it is a very, very rough draft and I plan to go over it 3-4 times. I am also only one-third of the way done with the rough draft, and I've been working on it since around May.

Book 1 is called The New World (basically discovery and initial conquests. ) Book 2 is called the Siege of Jerusalem. (I will present a quote/outline/summary to that next. ) Book 3 is called The Far West. (Basically about the Anowarkowans discovering Asia and India). It is called the Far West, because they consider Europe to be the Far East and hence Asia/Indians to be the Far West.

Book 2 premise:

The Pope is now seen as a puppet by many fanatical and militant Christians, who have congregated in Eastern Europe. There, they amass an army in an attempt to take Jerusalem.

Unknown to them, the Tenochcans have been preparing for a siege of the city, however they are racing against the Dawnland and Kanonsionni. They send a fast strike naval fleet and an elite battalion of soldiers, specialized at siege warfare to quickly take the city.

Then the Christian horde arrives, to avenge the slaying of Jesus* and the capture of the Pope, for which they demand the blood of every man, woman, and child of the city, regardless of if they are heretic, pagan, muslim, jew and "false Christian".

Upon hearing this, the Tenochcans realize they do not have a strong enough force in the area, and thus ask for the assistance of the Kanonsionni and Dawnlanders, already preparing to take or annex the city themselves, to lend aid.

Along the way, they are besieged by droves of fanatics, seeking to bring the Apocalypse by besieging Jerusalem, and even bringing in the Pope has little effect, as they believe he has been captured and is being coerced.

They also make allies however, a group of Templars, defecting upon hearing of the plan to slaughter every single person in the city (indeed it is a Templar defector that tells the Tenochcan elites about the plans of the Xian army. ), Muslims and Jews, who wish to aid their people, and even a travelling expedition from China, one that wishes to travel the world (a kind of Marco Polo reversed. )

What takes place is a three way, two-layered siege. The Tenochcans have taken the city and reinforced it with an engineering and fortifications team (employing the local populace. ) Outside this, is an army of Crusaders, with ranks swelling every day from fanatics, arriving in caravans and fleets, likewise full of timber and ores, which are being used for fortifications and walls, creating a sort of outer-camp around the city. Outside this, arrive the joint Tenochcan, Kanonsionni, and Dawnland task force, along with the rag-tag crew they have brought, including even gypsies.

With the Crusaders bent on taking the city, the defenders must hold out, until the relief force can break the offender's defenses.

In the end the Xians use a sneaky tactic, they weaken the wall at critical points, using the material to create massive numbers of siege engines. Even with aerial forces, both Sky-Guards, Owls, and Kanonsionni Rocket and Sniper-Blimps, along with the reinforcements brought in by such aerial drop offs, they cannot hold out and the defenses start to crumble, creating a fight in the city. Luckily, the Tenochcans, being clever and with elites at the opposite end of such sieges, have employed a series of barricades and traps, meant to slow down the enemy within the tight confines of the city. This includes even primitive landmines, both explosive and incendiary, which prove particularly effective. The center most location, made into a virtual fortress-keep of Fire-Lances, Guns and Steel, at the end contains the civilians, the women and children, as well as the Pope, who sits as a final check, against the needless slaughter of innocent people, along with an Elite Templar Guard for the Pope and a series of scholars meant to argue to the Pope's case should the worst occur.

The Alliance forces, upon hearing this, decide to assault the "Holy" forces head on, breaking their forts, which are now largely just shells, and making a dash towards the city. The Mammoth riders by this point, have learned a means by which to defeat the use of burning animals to rush them - they simply step aside to create gaps in their formation while blinding and deafening their Mammoths until contact is made. This gives the pigs a wide route by which to bypass otherwise obstacles, and prevents the mammoths from being frightened. After the pigs pass, the blinders and deafeners are removed. They were also kept near burning pig meat prior to the op, as the enemy had used this strategy previous, to get them used to the heat and smell. They even have screeching pigs ride by them daily, to condition them. Along with a disciplined, well bred animal, and rider, they are able to whether the storm. Along with Sloth-Riders, using Small-Rotary Cannons, Black Coat Wolf Riders, Fire Blades, Cataphracts and Templar Knights, the Gibborin (Jewish Elite). Their path is cleared by Tenochcan Artillery Ships, and Kanonsionni Rocket-Batteries, as they race to save the people of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, a Second Great Heathen Army has emerged. The Anowakowan invasion of Europe has caused a cultural reaction in the Northern Europeans, many who argue that Christianity has been disproven, and wish to return to their Old Ways. They use the chaos of war, to create a great army to ravage various villages. The Kanonsionni and Dawnlanders, primarily, struggle to defeat them. Their numbers swell every day, and the raiders have no trouble at all adopting Anowarkowan weapons. Using a strategy that involves grouping for large raids or sieges, while spreading for direct engagements with the Anowakowans, they ravage the North, until, Kaera, and Takoda, chase them out, with the new leader of the Kanonsionni World Scout Division, who's mission is to use new winged propeller ships to create a map of the entire world.

In the end, the retreating fanatics, run into the retreating Second Great Heathen (Viking) army in eastern europe. Both sides, decide to have their Final Battle, right then and there.

Both pursuing groups arrive, to find the enemy largely decimated, both achieving their Apocalypse and Ragnarok. The Chinese group then joins the World Expedition corps, offering to bring them to China. In exchange, the World Corp. offers to show them Anowarkowa.

Soon it was rumored that Godfrey of Bouillon himself had vowed that he would not set out for the Crusade until he had avenged the crucifixion by spilling the blood of the Jews, declaring that he could not tolerate that even one man calling himself a Jew should continue to live. ... sades.html (Historically, the First Crusaders killed everyone in the city, so many that they were walking ankle deep in blood. )

Basically it becomes a 2 way siege roughly based on this event:

After a Gallic revolt at Alesia in 52 B.C., Julius Caesar marched 60,000 legionnaires to the town and laid siege to the 80,000-strong Gallic force. When word reached Caesar that a relief force of 120,000 was marching towards his forces, instead of retreating, he ordered his men to build a second set of walls around the first.

For the next few weeks, while outnumbered four to one, Caesar led both a siege of Alesia and the defense of his own fortifications. On October 2, he personally led a devastating cavalry charge against an attacking force of 60,000 men with 6,000 of his own, forcing both the relief force and those in Alessia to surrender.

I have some sample chapters put up on the net already.

I am making this post because I feel that First Nations peoples should be included in this endeavor. I am not really doing it for the money, though I do need money (I am poor and have been my whole life, been homeless twice, could end up homeless again - you never can tell about these things. I am also of poor health, had a life threatening seizure last week, sorta almost died. )

The idea more or less came to me while reading Jared Diamond, and another short about China discovering America first years later.

As I have been writing though, I am discovering more about the First Nations, and it is really starting to effect me. I actually had a couple mental breakdowns, and even started lashing out at white people at one point. For that reason, I think this story belongs to all First Peoples Nations, and do not consider it copyrighted necessarily (I am still new to being a Novelist, this would be my first book, I am not sure how all of it works. )

I am also putting it here, in case someone wants to continue my work in the event that something happens to me.

Some caveats:

1- These are people who never were invaded by Europeans, as occurred in real life. I try to keep this in mind when I write them - they do not have the scars, they do not have the same sense of spirituality.

Ultimately, this is more a book of what could have been, and the triumph of the Anowarkowans over the Medievals.

2- I have been looking and have found no real Native word for the Americas as a whole. The closest I found was Anowarkowa.

3- These Anowarkowans are at the level of the Renaissance/Enlightenment, though technologucal advancement does not match that of Europe exactly of course. For example - they have Airships, the Tenochcans (Aztecs) have Rotary Cannons (Primitive Machine Guns), Steam Power, etc. They also lack some technology Europe had at the time.

4- It is not exactly our world. So some differences will be present - for example I made Otto the 4th Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and self-declared "Emperor of the World.",_Holy_Roman_Emperor

He is based loosely on Otto the Third, who was killed by poison before he had any heirs. In this book, history is slightly altered. Such things apply to the Anowarkowans as well

Likewise, as an Enlightenment spirits permeates the cultural milieu, a sense of Universalism and Rationalism/Empiricism permeates. This means languages, cultures and spiritualities from the different Nations, Federations and Empires are starting to mix and blend, as does a scientific spirit (which the Anowarkowans call Positive Knowledge or Positively Verified Knowledge).

5- At least three of the societies -

The Greater Kanonsionni Federation (Iroquois Confederacy plus) (An extreme democracy, verging on socialism).

The Dawnland Empire (Lakota conquer Hopi, and get partly integrated, like the Mongols with respect to China)

The Tenochcan Empire (Basically the Aztecs, with the Empire named after their city, sort of like the Romans)

Are like a series of Roman Empires that do not fall. They suffer some near misses and even revolutions (for example, the Tenochcans emerging capitalist/merchant-prince class overthrows the warrior class) but they do not collapse and send the Anowakowans into a Dark Age like the Europeans experienced.

So they simply advance continuously technologically.

6- They have a much larger variety of large animals, and crops then Europe.

5 and 6 explain why they are so developed compared to the Medievals.

I am extremely nervous about writing and presenting this.

Please, I would appreciate it if I could perhaps have:

1- Constructive questions or comments.

2- Anyone who wants to maybe work on this project with me. I am looking for someone to continue in case something happens to me.

I am purposely avoiding certain spiritualist aspects however, first because many Native peoples take the issue very seriously and I am not a very spiritual or religious person at all. I try to avoid anything magical happening in this book for that reason.

Second, since these people are entering an enlightenment era, a more secular and cosmopolitan sense has emerged.

Basically, First Nation peoples, are MORE advanced and moralistic then those found in real life when Columbus "discovered" the New World, meet Europeans who are LESS moral and advanced then those who arrived when the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria landed. They have steadily progressed both culturally far ahead of the Europeans during their comparable historical ages. For example, they do not kill or enslave Europeans (some try and it is extremely illegal) and they do not make them destitute by trading their wealth for salt (which the Europeans cannot make themselves and still value as much as gold. )

Anowarkowans will see how Europeans burn their own alive and have them flayed in public (read Thomas Moore's Utopia, his whole first chapter is how Kings do this in order to "deter crime" - btw it never worked, but that didn't stop them from trying. )

Anyone who would like to assist - please send me a private message.

"“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum." - Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

 Post subject: Re: The Anowarkowa Series
 Post Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:25 pm 
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BTW when I said it is not copyrighted, what I meant was, I am not intending to copyright this. I don't even have my name on the official work, kind of like George Orwell with respect to 1984.

I do plan on making up my own mind on a lot, but since so much involves First Nation peoples, it just seemed wrong to not give them the opportunity to present their voice.

It is Dialogical.

"“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum." - Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

 Post subject: Re: The Anowarkowa Series
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:24 pm 
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a ambitious project to say the least

ollan xolatl

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