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1491 and elder's one-of-a-kind music
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Author:  orriorbridgesbetween [ Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  1491 and elder's one-of-a-kind music

I have an elder friend in his upper 60s (i think) who has been making his own tunes for many years, and is very good. But he's one of those nonconformist types (!), so you can't find his music very easily. He does have one video on youtube where he sings one of his favorite songs: "Crying Onions". The link is this: https://youtu.be/bMGzF_Naj9Y

Personally, i don't like it nearly as much as the songs i posted on a myspace.com page for him: http://www.myspace.com/spiritdude4/music/songs

I put 4 songs up there for him and you should be able to hear them. i myself like "1491" the best! It is so well done, i think, that it OUGHT TO BE HEARD everywhere! Now, what i've been doing is to get it played every once in awhile on the radio! Yes, it's quite possible to have it played, just by giving the DJ the url to the myspace site.

i also like "Old Car" a heckuva lot! i suspect many of you here will also very much like it.

Now, if you really like some of his songs, you can email him: haskell[dot]eddie[at]gmail[dot]com

Give him a 'hello' or something, ay?!

He's a genuine type of guy, a real "spirited" dude. i first met him when he was walking around a SW town in barefeet! Over quite a few years we got to know each other, hanging out in each other's rigs (which we live(d) in; he still does that, but not me). Lives off the grid and all that. A Rainbow dude, about as real as you can find in this age! (as in http://www.welcomehome.org type of *real*!)

Well, gotta go. Here's to you MUCH ENJOYING Eddie's music!!!! :mrgreen: :wink:

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