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 Post subject: Arrogant settler knight challenges Intercontinental Cry
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:32 pm 
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Perhaps a champion from hereabouts might want to take this arrogantly ignorant settler knight on? He's quite articulate, and quite the usual. And yet, no one took him on in a way that might get under his internalized armor. See the link (see the discussion below the article)

Paul R. J... said, in reply to the article:

1. The Indian tribes lost the wars
2. As of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, there are no more "Indians" within the original meaning of the Constitution...only U.S./State citizens with "Indian ancestry/race" entitled to no more and no less than every other non-Indian U.S./State citizen
3. This article is mired in "Indian victim-hood" scenarios of deeds more than 130-years old. Time to move on in life.

John W.... replies to Paul R. J...

1. You are the victor?
2. The Constitution that I think you are referring to was drawn up by the 'victors', not the 'conquered'.
3. There remains a trail of blood and tears due to the ignorance of the victor.
4. What do you have to offer besides asking the indigenous tribes to 'move on'?
5. Language that is rooted in the land is primarily about relationship building.

John P. J....replies to John W...:

This country operates under the Constitution and that document states that once a person is a citizens of the United States and State in which they reside, they are covered by the entire mantle of the Constitution's protections...that being, neither Congress nor Presidents/Governors nor by Referendum or Initiative can a citizen's Constitutional protections be 'enlarged or abridge' by common law...only by an Amendment to the Constitution. Sadly, politicians continue to enact legislation not supported by the United States Constitutional of which is Title 25-INDIANS.

"What do you have to offer besides asking the indigenous tribes to 'move on'?
Time to move away from 'Indian victim-hood' scenarios "There remains a trail of blood and tears due to the ignorance of the victor" for what was done 130-years ago...none of that was done to anyone now living. Time to move-on from being in a perpetual state of 'welfare' since The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 from the federal government. For U.S./State citizens with "Indian ancestry/race," the Constitution provides all that is required to become a productive member of society...a member not mired-in and constantly-teaching that 'Indian victim-hood- mentality to the next generation "Oh. Poor me! White man did us wrong" way of life...entitled to nothing more and nothing less than every other U.S./State citizen.

Any efforts to maintain cultural and languages is to be done in the private sector not at the hands of state/federal governments that enact legislation to 'enlarge or abridge' a citizens culture or religion or language to make that person distinguishable from all other U.S./State citizens.

One potential solution is for:
1. We the People to consent to deeding the land commonly known as an "Indian reservation" that is owned by the People of the United States to begin with according to federal documents readily available on-line-with rare exception-to a closed corporation made-up of the currently enrolled members of the respective U.S./State citizens of the 'tribe,'
2. Remove all federal protections and funding; there is none of this "We are sovereign nations and We have treaties" as the Constitution has already foreclosed both gambits.
3. Jurisdiction of the land returns to the respective states to include all state laws and taxation of enterprise and land in the closed corporation
4. Any failure to pay appropriate taxes like other closed corporations results in tax liens and return of the land to the state if not paid.

Any1 want to hone their intellectual skills by taking this topic on? Either feel free to post at intercontinental cry or here, whattya think? The two replies by others were short and showing thier likely exhaustion in responding to arrogant settler folk, and could surely use some fresh HEARTS!

my path has included quite a few daring physical and psychological challenges....From this, i have learned other ways beyond WAR; ask me about being an ORrioR, a confrontationally nonviolent tactic.

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